Get started with Computer Programming: Learn it the easy way

Are you completely unknown to computer programming?

wondering how the software work

Have you always been wondering how your favorite software work? What exactly they do inside them? If yes, this beginner’s guide is totally helpful for you.

Take the computer just like a human being, except the fact that it can do its job way faster than a human.

A computer is a different species. It has its own language. Just like we humans understand Hindi, English, French, etc. a computer understands Machine Language. That means, we need to speak (write) Machine Language so that a computer can understand what we want to convey! (Read till the end)

There’s a guy, Ashish. He can only understand Hindi. He has a huge crush on a girl, Sophia. The problem is, Sophia knows only English and Ashish desperately wants to talk to Sophia, but how will it work?

The answer is, there has to be a ‘common friend’ who knows both languages. Ashish will approach him to make friends with Sophia.

Similarly… Yes, you got that right. There is a ‘common friend’ of you and the computer. That ‘common friend’ is called Compiler. The compiler translates what you say (write) into what a computer can understand.

At this point of time, we need not worry about how a compiler works. The compiler is nothing but a software that makes things easy for us. That’s it. THAT’S IT.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, computer belongs to a different species and they don’t have languages like Hindi, English or French like us. They know languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.

These languages have a set of normal English words in their vocabulary and there are different ‘common friends’ (compilers) for each such language. We just need to write English words from the predefined set in a predefined order and the compiler for that particular language will translate our words in a machine code that a computer can understand.

What is syntax?

An arrangement of words that the computer can understand is called syntax.

We will pick Java and see what tools do we need to start with Java programming in our next article.

If you have any questions till now, please comment.

All the best.

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