Tools Needed For Java Programming

To start with the Java programming, you must have these tools:

Installing Java Compiler

There is a separate guide on this site to download and install Java compiler. Please follow this link for step by step process to install Java compiler on your PC.

Text Editor

We can use simple text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++ to write our code and then compile the code using Java compiler, but writing code in a text editor with minimum functionality such as Notepad will require much more hard work.

There are other text editors available which make our work easy. They are specially made for coding and have builtin tools such as code validation, code refactoring (beautifying the code), debugging (finding out errors in code), etc.

One such software is Eclipse. To download, install and setup Eclipse on your computer, please click this link.

Now that we have both the compiler and the editor, we are good to go to write our first Java program that we’ll do in our next article.

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